Bonaveri Catalogue

Online application built in Webflow to manage a company catalogue


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Bonaveri Catalogue is an online application for the display of mannequin collections. The site was built in Webflow with additional software added to manage login and privacy features.

Prior to publishing the online catalogue, Bonaveri relied on a workflow of receiving email enquiries and emailing PDF catalogues to clients. This method had its limitations and meant that many of Bonaveri’s extensive collections were unseen by potential new customers.

The aim was to allow visitors to sign up to the catalogue and view as many of the collections as possible. By implementing a tag system that describes the each product, visitors can filter by tags and features to isolate the required mannequin. This could be by gender, position, leg and arm pose and many more distinguishing elements.

In order to maintain this extensive database, a serpate Airtable base was created. Updates to the catalogue happen in Airtable and once approved are then published via Zapier to go live on the website. This maintains an easy central database of all information and future proofs the data should the client wish to share this elsewhere such as a mobile app.

Zapier and Memberstack provide additional support to manage user information and catalogue data. provides additional filtering technology.