Fathom Analytics

Fathom analytics is privacy first and easy to use.


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I use Fathom in preference to other analytics services as it’s privacy focused. I have no need for deep data analytics or customer information retention; I just want to see how many people are visiting my site and what they spend their time on. It’s a simple way for me to work out what content is best.

Fathom doesn’t use cookies and given that my site doesn’t use any other cookies, there is no reason to add complicated and annoying cookie banners to my site.

Cookies require all sorts of complicated management these days. UK, GDPR and new EU rules, mean maintaining cookie records and ensuring cookies are not used unless specific consent is granted makes it an expensive and ever complicated exercise. Fathom helps me to remove this complication and cost without losing any of the benefits of an analytics platform.

Fathom’s analytics dashboard is clear, concise and easy to share with my customers. It is a paid platform, but if you add up all the costs of other services, the time needed to manage them, the price is worth paying.